Eugene Cho

eugene_cEugene Cho was featured on his first album & completed his first national tour by the age of sixteen. Since then he has built an impressive musical resumé as producer, arranger & pianist that includes a European tour, seventeen US tours & credits on several albums ranging from main-floor house to indie rock. As the musical director of the sixteen piece disco supergroup Escort, Eugene has produced several critically acclaimed singles and also remixed the likes of Antena, Tracey Thorn (of Everything But the Girl), and Feist. When he isn’t producing, recording, or behind decks rallying a mass of people, he turns his talents towards music for picture. Eugene has built a solid track record with award-winning compositions for several national advertising campaigns & television networks. With a discerning ear for a vast range of sounds & styles, Eugene deftly crafts music that amplifies the concept.

Eugene's Reel